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Are you interested in a program that will keep your students mesmerized, or a unique presentation for your club or community group? An outreach program from Hoo’s Woods Raptor Center is your answer. Invite our raptors to your school, club, group or event. Our programs are filled with age-appropriate (6 years and older)  information that is both educational and entertaining.   Flight demonstrations may be included with a hawk, falcon or owl depending on the location and size of the venue and weather. 

Our education birds include:  Golden Eagle, peregrine falcon, snowy owl, spectacled owl, merlin falcon, kestrel falcon, rough legged hawk, barn owl, barred owl, long eared owl, screech owl, Mississippi Kite and  turkey vulture.  Bald Eagle is available for on-site programs only.

All one hour outreach programs include:
A raptor educator specialist, at least three live raptors, visual aids and activities to maximize your experience.  
Fees for outreach programs
Three raptors such as an owl, falcon, hawk (does not include an eagle) $300.00
Golden Eagle and 3 raptors $400
Each additional consecutive program the same day at the same site: $100 each (up to three programs)
Additional charges will be applied if the program location is more than 30 miles from Hoo’s Woods.  For more information call 608-883-2795

Booth Appearances/Special Events
Hoo's Woods extends its educational programs outside the classroom. From our walk-through booth we lecture about birds of prey, talking one-on one and answering individual questions, and bringing our message to literally hundreds of people. Our "Feathered Teachers" can be viewed from just a few feet away.
$350 for the first hour with an eagle included. $300 without an eagle  $50 for every consecutive hour after that.  60 minute minimum, 3 hour maximum

Specific Species Program
Some people want to learn about a certain species for example: snowy owls, eagles or peregrine falcons.  We offer programs about one specific species and suitable for smaller groups.  Please contact us for fees and more details.

Scout Programs

Hoo's Woods provides programs for boy scouts and girls scouts of all ages.  Our outreach programs are more suitable for larger groups that include family members. On site programs are more suitable for smaller groups and those working towards achieving badges or patches.  For fees and information contact us. 

Hoo's Woods is proud to become a Girl Scout Program Partner. We offer opportunities for girls to earn badges and patches while learning about birds of prey. To find out more check out our brochure at click here.


On-Site Tours- Tours are closed for the season we hope to see you next year! 
Bring your class or group for an outdoor adventure. Field trips include: A group presentation tied to your curriculum. Touchable artifacts including an owl's foot, wings, skulls and more. This is a 60 minute guided tour of the education birds on-site including hawks, owls, falcons, and eagles.  Field trips available May 15-Oct 1 

Fees:  $7.50 per child and $8.50 for adults, children 3 and under free

Families: 1st child is $7.50, each additional child is $6.00
 $100.00 minimum fee
Minimum group size of 12   Maximum group size of 50 participants
Recommended Adult-to-Child Ratios:
pre-school and kindergarten (1:4)
1st-3rd grade (1:5)
4th-6th grade (1:8)
7th-9th grade (1:15)

The grounds are gravel and grass. We do our best to accommodate wheelchairs. Please go over proper behavior for a field trip. Remember, your experience includes wild animals that need a calm and quiet atmosphere to be comfortable.

***Note: fees are based on the special transporting of the birds, time to prepare, load and unload, materials needed to conduct programs, extra staff to assist, permit fees, equipment, and proceeds go to help the birds that are injured and also our education birds.