Hoo's Woods, founded in 1998, is a non-profit 501 (C)(3) raptor education and rehabilitation center located near Milton, in Southern Wisconsin.  Our mission is to inform and educate in the schools, scouts, community organizations, and general public regarding wildlife and habitat. To rescue and rehabilitate birds of prey.  

We will be hosting Raptor Day Camp for Kids and Adults this spring and summer.  Check back for our schedule of Super Saturdays and other fun events.  Pictured with the Raptor Campers is Oakley the Spectacled Owl.  Photo by Milton Courier

If you would like plans to build a nest box for Kestrels, Screech Owls or Barred Owls, just click on the link

 Nest Boxes

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We are booking programs for  2016.  Please contact us if you are interested in scheduling a live raptor education program. Click here to learn more about our programs or contact Dianne at 608-883-2795, email at falco5@ticon.net, or download one of our brochures here.

Pictured right is a juvenile Mississippi Kite "Wrong Way"  recovered near Janesville late this summer. To learn more about his story visit our News link.  You can also sign upfor our free e-newsletter. 

Photo by Danny Pickens

Hoo's Woods Raptor Center


We help birds of prey through education, rehabilitation and conservation

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Courtesy of Margaret Duerr and Allison Halkey

Share a "Snowy Owl" Experience
Of all the different species of owls found in the world, the Snowy Owl of the Arctic is one of the more beautiful and fascinating.  Snowy Owls are the largest owl in North American and breed in the arctic.  Sometimes they will winter in the northern parts of the US.  During this 45 minute education program you will meet “Wesley” our education snowy owl and learn about his remarkable journey from the Arctic and amazing will to survive.   Click here for more information

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