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2015 Conservation Award

*2015 Wildlife Conservationist of the Year award from the Wisconsin Wildlife Federation*

Hoo's Woods is a non-profit 501(c)(3) raptor education and rehabilitation center located in Southern Wisconsin. Founded in 1998 our Mission is:

To inform and educate in the schools, scouts, community organizations, and general public regarding wildlife and habitat. To rescue and rehabilitate injured birds of prey.

Our Vision:

To make education both meaningful and fun, while creating an atmosphere that fosters respect and stewardship of all living things.

To provide an understanding and appreciation between man and wildlife and the need for co-existence.

Now Booking for programs for 2015/2016



Please contact us if you are interested in scheduling a live raptor education program. To learn more about our programs contact Dianne at 608-883-2795, email at falco5@ticon.net, or download one of our brochures.

Hoo's Woods Membership



The responsibility of caring for wildlife falls upon those who accept it. By joining the Hoo's Woods Raptor Center's "Hoo's Heroes" you will be supporting the conservation and education of birds of prey. The benefits are great and as a non-profit organization 501 c3 your donation is tax-deductible. Your gift goes directly to the care and treatment of sick and injured raptors and to support our programs on a day-to-day basis. As a Hero you will receive our quarterly newsletter, updates on events, and a card that identifies you as a supporter of Hoo's Woods. Click here to join today!

Adopt A Raptor



The sponsorship packet includes: a professional photo of the raptor of your choice, an informational sheet and personalized certificate of sponsorship. For more information click here.

Catelyn's Story



Learn more about Catelyn, our education peregrine falcon, and other nesting peregrine falcons that nest on the MG&E plant in Madison. Click here for video and to read more . Click Here.